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It is our aim to offer all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, which has sufficient depth and breadth to enable our pupils to develop their full physical and mental confidence. We aim to contribute to the overall education of young people by helping them to lead full and active lives through engaging in purposeful physical activity and sport.   Helping pupils to gain confidence and knowledge of sport and physical activities and find a passion to develop lifelong learning.  

We aim to developing core skills and tactical awareness through various sporting activities, we are also concerned with the development of other educational qualities such as leadership, social and communicative skills, character, morals, aesthetic appreciation, problem-solving skills, along with the development of knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts.  

Structured and developmental schemes of work provide for progression, challenge and a sense of achievement. The sympathetic selection of learning experiences appropriate to pupils’ experiences, ability and maturity aims to support all pupils in the development of physical competence and promote those skills necessary to effectively plan and evaluate movement and movement-related activities safely and with confidence.  

Healthy balanced lifestyles is focus for the PE department to foster positive relationships and promote a love for being active and engaged in sport and physical activity.  

Our programme offers our pupils the opportunity to experiment, investigate, observe and to discover for themselves, various principles of training and exercise. This understanding will arm them for when they have to make health related decision in the future.  

We strongly believe that Sport is for everyone, and everyone will find their passion in some way or form given through teaching and learning with nurture, encouragement, and enthusiasm.  


Throughout a pupil's time at Magdalen Court School, they will cover a wide range of sports and physical activities within their PE curriculum and activities programme.  

Area covered: 

  • Health Related Fitness  

  • Invasion Games such as football, netball, hockey, rugby, basketball, lacrosse.   

  • Gymnastics  

  • Dance  

  • Cricket 

  • Swimming  

  • Personal Survival  

  • Team games  

  • Athletics  

  • Problem Solving  

  • Racket Sports such as badminton, tennis.  

  • Sports Leadership 

  • BTEC Sport  


All of these areas aim to give students the physical skills and confidence, knowledge, and personal qualities they need for a healthy balanced lifestyle. As well as develop a lifelong love of, and passion for, physical activity and sport.  

Each class have two timetabled lessons a week as well as the opportunities to join clubs to further their knowledge. We aim to raise student’s aspirations and equip them with the knowledge and skills to flourish in the future in physical activity or sport.   

Pupils have full access to the Physical Education National Curriculum which is differentiated to meet pupil’s learning needs and styles via a variety of physical activities in curricular and extra-curricular programmes, through fun and engaging PE lessons and clubs that are enjoyable, challenging, socially supportive and accessible to all.  

Through the delivery of Junior Sports Leaders and BTEC Physical Education we help to further enthuse and widen the knowledge of pupils and give them widely recognised qualifications in Sport.  

We hope to pupils leave school wanting to be physically active, maintaining a lifetime involvement in sport through participation, officiating and/or leadership. As well as have a lifelong appreciation of the benefits of regular physical activity and sport.