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The Local Governing Body is formed with a committed and dedicated team of hardworking governors from all parts of our local and wider community.

We are a varied group including local business people, parents, educationalists and other professionals. It is our responsibility, in cooperation with the school's Headteacher, to provide the support and structure that enables students to have the highest standards in both their education and care.

The Local Governing Body provides challenge and support for the School Leadership Team on:

  • Monitoring effectiveness of provision and school improvement
  • Safeguarding
  • Well-being
  • Representing views of school-based community stakeholders

We are a strong and committed team, offering our collective experience and expertise through guidance and support to enable the ongoing development of Magdalen Court School. Our unifying thread is our passion for Magdalen Court  School.  

We are excited by the innovative and high quality education and care that Magdalen Court provides for the young people in our school community and the wider community of Exeter.

As a Local Governing Body, we are here to nurture this growth and ensure the continuity of the high level of provision made by the school.